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Many MobileRead users complain of eye strain. This page is intended to provide links for more information and tips to help avoid eye strain.

[edit] Overview

Eye strain is an important factor in deciding on the electronic reading devices chosen by users. Often epaper screens are chosen specifically because of eye strain concerns. These include screen made by E Ink which predominates today's market.

[edit] Tips

  • be on the dirt alert: Clean screens and glasses often to remove dirt and smudges
  • blow it up: increase text size to help your eyes focus
  • set the mood: reduce lighting around your reading area so surrounding light does not compete with screen lighting
  • reduce blue-light exposure particularly in the evening.
  • Magnifiers are generally the choice of last resort however there are some interesting choices these days.
    • Fresnel lens are available a full page magnifiers with a simple plastic sheet.
    • High resolution Tablets with back cameras may have apps that provide full page or nearly full page magnification.

[edit] For more information

Note that some of these references are to sites that sell lens, glasses, etc. This is not an endorsement but they were chosen for the information available on the site.

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