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AnyBook Reader Model 4100

AnyBook Reader is a pen like device from Franklin that you can use to record your own audio which can be keyed to pages in a paper book.


[edit] Overview

(based on their web site) Storybooks come to life and learning activities are fully understood with their touch & talk technology. Children connect to the story and you connect to them as you lift characters off the pages with your funny character voices and cool sound effects. Now, words talk and pictures can sing aloud.

AnyBook™ is a reading pen enabling words and pictures to talk using your vocal recordings with any book. Use it with: comic books, coloring books, number and language books, chapter books, newspapers and more. A sticker is placed on the page and it is keyed to the recording made in the reading pen. The child touches the sticker with the pen to play back the recording.

These are suitable for children ages 3 to 8 and to partially blind persons.

[edit] Models

AnyBook™ Anywhere DPR-5100 holds audio up to 200 hours of recording time + 420 reusable stickers with pre-recorded sounds made with a special glue that doesn’t harm your books + a headphone jack for private listening + backup & share capabilities via AnyBook™ Case. It's the answer to recording from anywhere on Earth ... so long as you have an Internet connection ... and growing a virtual library with other DRP-5100 users for FREE! AnyBook™ Case gives the freedom to record, save, and share a story, lesson or message without needing the pen. (The pen only need belong to the person reading.) The recordings are downloaded into the pen from AnyBook™ Case. Now, a family member serving overseas can read that bedtime story and cast away fears of monsters in the closet and Grandma can leap tall buildings and save cities with her superhero voices.

AnyBook™ Personal DRP-4100 holds audio up to 30 hours of recording time + 520 reusable stickers with pre-recorded sounds made with a special glue that doesn’t harm your books + a headphone jack for private listening.

AnyBook™ Keepsake DRP-3100 holds audio up to 15 hours of recording time + over 200 unique stickers (decorative, white and clear) with pre-recorded sounds made with a special glue that doesn’t harm your keepsakes. Place the stickers anywhere you desire – photo frames, cookbooks, awards, mementos, scrapbooks!

[edit] specifications

  • Each pen requires 2 AAA batteries.
  • Dimensions: 7 x 2 x1 inches
  • Weight: 2 oz

System Requirements for AnyBook Case software:

  • 1 GHz or higher processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 50 MB minimum disk space for software installation
  • Sound card, speaker, and microphone
  • USB port
  • Internet connection
  • Operating systems: Windows XP SP3 or later, Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or later

[edit] Stickers

Additional stickers are available separately. They are coded differently from the ones that came with the reader.


  • Stickers use special glue which won't damage your book so you can remove them at any time
  • 10 sheets of ready-to-program stickers, each containing 20 stickers for a total of 200 stickers
  • 4 new sheets of sound-effect stickers (80 more stickers)


Every "Red" pack contains the same set of stickers as does the "Green" pack. What this means for you is that each set of stickers can only be associated with one AnyBook reader. So if you want to purchase multiple packs, purchase one of each available color.

If you have multiple AnyBook readers, go ahead and get more than one. Just make sure you keep them matched up with each device so there is no duplication Compatible with models DRP-4100 and DRP-5100 only

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