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A word processor with eBook creation capability.


[edit] Overview

Atlantis Word Processor (on wikipedia) (previously known as Atlantis Ocean Mind) and often called AWP is a complete word processor. It can be used as the source for an eBook or it can import files from another word processor for conversion or further editing.

AWP can be used to convert any TXT, RTF, ODT, DOC, WRI, or DOCX document to an eBook in the ePub format. Converting an existing document to an eBook in Atlantis Word Processor normally takes less than a minute. But new eBooks can be also created in Atlantis Word Processor from scratch.

  • Atlantis supports multilevel TOCs, font embedding, and batch conversion.
  • Atlantis Word Processor runs on all Windows versions, starting from Windows 95.
  • Customization can be accomplished for many ePub features.
  • Cover pages can be generated.
  • If KindleGen is installed Atlantis will also build a Kindle AZW/KF8 file.

Atlantis is a full fledged word processor, not just a conversion tool. It rivals word in basic features and can be used to create a word document. It can save documents in DOC, DOCX, RTF, TXT and COD (internal encrypted format). It has a built-in spell checker, automatic smart quotes and other font conversions, and can support a thesaurus. There is also a portable version that will work without installing.

AWP will even convert a folder containing a mix of input formats that it supports to a single output format that it supports and even to ePub although you would need to insure the appropriate metadata is in the source files.

Click here for a full description of the eBook features of Atlantis Word Processor.

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