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Main screen for Tweak EPUB

Tweak ePub is a a free utility to help editing or inspecting an existing ePub.

[edit] Overview

Tweak ePub is a free download from Atlantis Word Processor. It helps you to manage an existing ePub. It will open it and expose all of the file structure. It allows text files to be edited in the editor of your choice and reassembled back into the ePub file. It will also unzip the entire ePub into a folder and let you edit anything using any tool. Once you are done it will reassemble the ePub with the modified files.

This is a Windows executable.

[edit] Features

  • A special feature is the ability to preview the changes while still inside tweak EPUB using Adobe Digital Editions on your PC.
  • Tweak EPUB does not require an installation, can be placed anywhere.
  • You can make any changes you wish. Tweak ePub does not check the files you change.
  • Save changes exits Tweak_EPUB and reassembles the zip (ePub) while maintaining the ePub rules.
  • For text based files you can open them directly in the editor of your choice and save them back in the ePub.
  • You can open up the entire ePub if you wish and edit any file inside including graphics using your own editor. Once completed the tool will put the ePub back together.

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