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Ray Kurzweil's Blio is e-book software that shows books in full color and allows for interactive elements within the content, such as quizzes and animations that are ideal for textbooks. It was shown onstage during Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's keynote speech at CES 2010. It is available for Windows PCs, with specialized features for some netbooks, tablets and iPhone, iPad, Android. Other mobile devices are planned.

[edit] Format

Blio is also a Format. Using Blio a publisher can:

  • Enable text to speech for read-aloud performances and synchronize unabridged audio with digital text to create a new product of print plus audio.
  • Insert video or audio clips, or interactive Web pages.
  • Use voice painting to create a computer-generated, multi-character listening experience.
  • Engage readers more fully by enabling social networking within a book.
  • Brand the reader software specifically for a book, series or imprint.
  • Customize research tools, such as dictionaries and Web-based research destinations.

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