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9.7 sync boogie board

Boogie board is an LCD eWriter that is intended to replace a blackboard or slate tablet. It is a paperless memo pad


[edit] Models

  • Sync 9.7 Save meeting and school notes via Bluetooth.
  • Jot 4.5 Pocket-sized for ideas on-the-go. Only weighs 1.9oz (55g)
  • Jot 4.5 Clearview - You can see through the screen to trace images.
  • Play n' trace - shaped like an artists tablet, easily held by children, can trace images
  • Scribble n' Play - has two different width tips.
  • Original 8.5 The model that started a paperless revolution. Only weighs 4.2oz (119g)
  • Jot 8.5 Stylish and sleek for the office and home. weighs 5.3oz (150g).
    • Screen size: 4-3/4" by 7-1/8" 34 in2, 1.5:1 (3:2) ratio
  • Original 10.5 The largest display for more creativity. Only weighs 8.1oz (229g).
    • Screen size 8.58" by 6.1" or 52 in2, 1.4:1 (7:5) ratio.

[edit] Overview

A Boogie board is an Reflex LCD slate that you can write on with a pressure stylus or even your finger. All of the models above are similar except the Sync 9.7 which is described below. The slate is not a smart device and nothing recorded on the slate is remembered nor is it editable except to add more lines. If it is erased it is lost forever. There is an erase button provided and it will always erase the full screen. (Most models have a lock to prevent accidental erasure.) It is truly electronic paper for use as a scratch pad. Some of the models have a replaceable battery and some do not but the battery will last a long time as it is only needed to erase the screen.

The numbers listed on the various models represents the approximate diagonal measurement of the slate display.

[edit] Sync 9.7

The Sync 9.7 is different in that the stylus used to write the data is special in that it records the strokes as they are written. These strokes are recorded as vector graphics and stored in the device as images. Only lines written using this stylus will be recorded. These lines a stored as vector images in a PDF file and can be transferred to a computer, tablet, or phone using Bluetooth. In this way your notes and drawings can be preserved. The slate table itself is only a visual representation. Lines can be drawn on the slate but unless the special pen is used they will not be recorded. Additional replacement pens are available.

There is free Sync Virtual Desktop Companion (VDC) software that turns the Boogie Board Sync into a powerful tool that is great for presentations, image creation, and organization. Available for Windows and OS X. This software is not required for the Boogie Board Sync to function.

There is also a Boogie Board Sync Mobile App. This is a free Sync mobile app to view and share files created with the Boogie Board Sync on your Bluetooth enabled device. Available on the App Store and Google Play. This software can work with the Evernote app.

An SDK is available for iOS and Android developers.

There is also a RIP 9.5 in the marketplace. This is an older version of the Sync 9.7 and is no longer offered by the manufacturer.

[edit] Sync specifications

  • Dimensions and Weight
    • Product Size: 283mm x 190 x 5 (11.1" x 7.5" x 0.2")
    • LCD Size: 241mm (9.5in) aspect ratio 1.44:1
    • Weight: 323g (11.4oz)
  • On-Board Memory
    • Capacity: 5000+ PDF files
  • Connectivity
  • Power
    • On/Off Button and rechargeable battery.
    • Up to one week of typical use on a single charge
    • Sleep mode: after 1 hour of inactivity
  • Materials
    • Boogie Board Sync 9.7 eWriter: ABS Plastic, Scratch-resistant plastic LCD
    • Sync Stylus: ABS with orange anodized aluminum accent
  • Color: Black with orange accents
  • Compatibility
    • Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
    • OS X v10.8 and above
    • Android and iOS (mobile app)
  • In the Box
    • Boogie Board Sync 9.7 eWriter
    • Sync Stylus
    • Micro-USB cable

[edit] Additional information

  • Linux driver for Sync product.
  • They also make apps for Android and Apple iOS. These are recommended to capture images from a Boogie board. They have apps for all Boogie board devices. They use the camera on the phone or tablet to capture (scan) the images.
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