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BookCreator Tool is an eBook creator tool. This tool is an MS Word template with VBA code. The tool is designed to optimize and simplifying the book creation process.

Since this tool is an MS Word template, one can take advantage of all of the editing rich features provided by MS Word for editing and creating an eBook. In addition the template provides a set of editing tools, formatting features, and Styles to simplify the eBook creation process.


[edit] Features

  • Updates BookTitle/Author properties with one button click
  • Inserts a Table of Content with one button click
  • Chapter detection one button click
  • Smart Word Wrap fix
  • Page Break one button click
  • Default Styles (Title/Sub Title/Verse/etc..)
  • Remove extra paragraph breaks.
  • Text Editing tools
    • Fixed em-dash (converts -- to em-dash)
    • Italic converter, converts txt with underscore _My Text_ to italics
    • Smart Italic converter, converts txt in ALL CAPS to italics
    • Removes leading white space
  • Converts ASCII carriage return and/or line feeds to Microsoft Word paragraph type.
  • LRF: Create an LRF eBook (Requires calibre )
    • Save directly to the SONY Reader
  • ePUB: Create ePUB (Requires calibre)
  • IMP: Create IMP eBooks (Requires EBook Publisher 1 )
  • MOBI: Create MOBI eBooks (requires MobiPerl)

[edit] Version 3 changes

  • Combined all eBook Creation dialogs into just one.
  • Added support for eReader, PDF, ePUB, LIT,
  • New Styles
  • Batch creation of eBooks.
  • Works with Calibre .6+


[edit] Creating external TOC for Sony/Mobi

To add an internal TOC all a user has to do is select the “Insert TOC” button. Any text marked ‘Title’ or ‘Sub Title’ will show up in the TOC.

For tips on creating external TOC for LIT/MOBI . (See directions)

[edit] Creating LIT books with the WordRMR MSWord Plug-in

While I cannot think of any eBook reader out there except Windows Mobile PDA/Phones that support LIT files natively, every eBook format has a decent LIT conversion tool out there. These programs also do a great job converting LIT to YOUR eBOOK FORMAT. I’ve tested different tools like LIT2MOBI, LIT2IMP, LIT2LRF with great success..

The WordRMR plug-in by Microsoft allows for the creation of LIT eBooks with just one button click.

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