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BookFusion is an eBook Reader and Management tool for iOS, Android and the Web.


[edit] Overview

BookFusion lets you read, share, organize, bookmark and sync all your books. You can assemble your own online library and share with a group of users. You can submit your own books, buy books in the online store, set up your own cloud and many other items. You set up an account on their web site and can manage your library and even read eBooks on the site or send them to a Kindle.

[edit] Features

  • Cloud Library – create your own eBook cloud library to manage all your eBooks in one place without the need to run your own servers. Upload your entire collection.
  • Read on Any Device – Read your eBooks on the devices you have today and the ones you will have tomorrow. Read on Android, IOS and Web (Linux, Windows & OSX)
  • Integrated Mobile & Web Reader – Have a truly seamless experience by using the same app that you use to organize and manage your eBook library to read your books as well
  • Any Format - Read any book regardless of format from PDF, MOBI, EPUB, TXT, DOC and others.
  • Sync across all devices – Sync your reading progress, bookmarks and highlights across all devices. Pick up where you left off.
  • Organize your eBooks - Easily change the cover, title, author and assign custom tags to organize your eBook collection.
  • Currently Reading: This allows readers to quickly select their last read eBooks
  • Pagination: Support for both global and percentage based pagination

[edit] Downloads

Reading apps are available for iOS and Android

[edit] Discussion

MobileRead forum for updates and discussion.

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