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CBW stands for ComicBookWeb format or simply WebComics.


[edit] Overview

WebComics is an XML based system that includes information to allow a ComicBook to read on the Web. ComicRack can read and manage files in this format. WebComics have a .cbw extension. The XML file allows more control over how the content is specified and controlled than is available in a CBZ or CBR file.

[edit] File format

    <Variable Key="Base" Value="http://www.milehighcomics.com/firstlook/marvel/avengers500/" />
    <Image Url="{Base}cover.jpg" />
    <Image Url="{Base}[0:1-24].jpg" />

[edit] Info

This is where the metadata goes to describe the eComic contents.

[edit] Variables

This is a an optional collection to define textual variables you can reuse in the image entries (with the {key} construct).

[edit] Images

This is a list that identifies the actual pages of the WebComic. In the simplest case this can be direct links to images on the internet.

Image Types There are three different Image element types to add pages to your WebComic.

<Image PageLinkType="Url" Url="http://lala.com/someimage.jpg"/> 

This is the simplest type of a page link. It just tells ComicRack to add the linked image as a new page. As this type is the default, you can omit the PageLinkType attribute. The syntax also supports defining references to multiple pages with one entry. The syntax is

<Image PageLinkType="Url" Url="http://lala.com/page[format:a-b].jpg"/>

where format is a number format string like “0” or “00”, a is the start number, b is the end number.S o adding an image element like

<Image PageLinkType="Url" Url="http://lala.com/page[00:8-11].jpg"/>

is the same as

<Image PageLinkType="Url" Url="http://lala.com/page08.jpg"/>
<Image PageLinkType="Url" Url="http://lala.com/page09.jpg"/>
<Image PageLinkType="Url" Url="http://lala.com/page10.jpg"/>
<Image PageLinkType="Url" Url="http://lala.com/page11.jpg"/>

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