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Chromebook is a laptop specifically set up to run Chrome OS


[edit] Overview

The idea of this hardware is to provide a laptop that is always up to date with releases and does not require dealing with the OS or even virus protection. It meets the needs of a customer who expects to do most, if not all, of their work while hooked to the Internet using a cloud server. It usually ships with Chrome OS already installed but it is also possible to run Chromium OS on the same hardware. It features longer battery life due to the remote processing allowing the local machine to be less powerful.

[edit] Features

  • Never worry about OS versions or virus protection.
  • A Chromebook supports multiple accounts so the hardware can be shared and your data is protected.
  • Special education versions are available for schools and education use.
  • A Chromebook will sync your data with an Android phone.
  • See Chrome_OS#Reading_apps for special apps that work on this hardware.

[edit] Laptops that use Chrome OS

The Samsung Chromebook Series 5 has a 12.1" LED screen while the Acer Chromebook AC700 has an 11.6" LED screen. All of the units have an HD screen. Other units are described below:

[edit] Chromebox

Chromebox is another option for Chrome OS. It is a small device, usually close to a square, that is like a Chromebook without a monitor and perhaps even without keyboard and mouse. These external devices are supplied by the user. Both HP and Asus makes these devices which are typically under $200. They are intended for desktop use and are sometimes called a mini desktop or mini PC. Other mini desktops may use a full OS.

The Chromebox is often used to add computer capability to a TV using the HDMI output.

[edit] Chromebit

The Asus Chromebit is a Chrome OS-based device that's no bigger than a USB flash drive. At less than $90, it turns an HDMI-equipped HDTV or monitor into a large-screen, all-in-one desktop PC. It has 16GB of local storage and 2GB of RAM. It has Wi-Fi builtin and uses ARM-based Rockchip RK3288-C processor with integrated Rockchip Mali T764 quad-core graphics. It has a single USB port and can use builtin Bluetooth to connect to keyboard and mouse. An AC power supply is included.

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