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Collections Manager offers a much more flexible way than the built-in one to manage Kindle Touch and Kindle paperwhite collections. For more information, consult the Forum Thread.

[edit] Downloads

Downloads are listed newest first.

Date Description Post Direct Download Source Code Comment
2017-10-18 Support for 5.8.11 added, untested ADambi CollectionsManager.azw2 Patch
2017-08-23 Should work on anything from 5.1.0 to 5.8.10 (except 5.6.1). ADambi CollectionsManager.azw2 Patch
2014-07-01 Version 2.8.1 NiLuJe CollectionsManager.azw2 Repository Version linked to in first thread post
2014-02-08 Version 2.6.2 ixtab - Repository Last version compiled by original author
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