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DNL is an eBook format that uses a web browser addon to read your books. There is also a mode where the eBook is removed from the browser context. EBooks in DNL format are created in Desktop Author application.

[edit] Overview

The DNL reader features two page layup with 3D page turning. Tapping a page can cause it to appear as a popup. This is useful when the page needs to be rotated for viewing. DRM is supported on the eBooks and provides the ability to sample the first few chapters of the eBook before purchase. Other features of the reader include:

  • Search
  • Page numbers
  • Goto
  • contents - with links
  • send book to a friend via email
  • Print
  • automatic page turns
  • Full screen background can be set on screen.
  • Notes and Highlights are supported. These are stored in a DNN file. This file can be exchanged with another person that owns the same eBook.

You cannot use the DNL program to browse a library. It is invoked by clicking on an eBook in your library from explorer.

[edit] Advanced Features

  • embedded multimedia - Windows Media Player, Quicktime and Flash in any format supported by these applications.
  • streaming - Online content.
  • images can be popped up to zoom.
  • sketch book
  • interactive games.
  • links
  • books can contain entry field
  • Many templates are available

[edit] eBook Source

EBooks in DNL format can be obtained from http://www.ebrochures.com/ Some are free but most will prompt you to buy the book after the free part has been read.

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