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[edit] Latest Firmware for the DR1000S, DR800S, DR800SG

  • Since the bankruptcy of iRex the latest official firmware (,, can be found here [1]; the old official irex link does not work any longer, here is a new one, [2], with a bonus unpublished rc4 version for the DR800 that solves the power drain problem through a real off-state effective after 24 hours
  • Patch for DR1000 firmware by Mackx this forum thread, latest version can be found towards the end of the thread, see also [3]
  • DR800+ enhanced firmware for DR800 by Iñigo this forum thread, latest version in first message, see also [4]
  • Translations by Mackx this forum thread (finishing translation of the firmware, see also [5])
  • Experimental enhancement to file manager for DR800 by yuri_b this forum thread

[edit] Hardware

[edit] Third Party Software for all DR's

You can add these applications and features to your Digital Reader by copying them to your SD card which can be accessed by connecting your DR to your computer or using a card reader.

[edit] Development Environment

  • Development VMWare Image this forum thread. The DR1000 VMWare Image can be used for DR800 development as well, just install the appropriate SDK (version 3.0).
  • Blog on how to get started by Mackx [7]
  • More instructions this forum thread

[edit] Forums

[edit] Obsolete

  • Firmware-release Release Candidate has been released for the 2.0 firmware on June 3, 2010, see [8]. Improvements from v2.0-beta: Cycle through pen states in document viewer by clicking status bar icon, Add “Shortcuts” button next to “Search” button for quick access, Enhanced text contrast in document viewer, Pen calibration improved and reduced accidental input with tilted stylus, Improved Notepad application (Show Thumbnail for Notes/Improved performance when navigating in Notepad/ Improved writing speed, especially for thick lines),Improved page turning speed in complex document, Fixed position and scaling of Scribbles converted from 1.7 firmware, Fixed a bug that would occasionally drain the battery quickly while in Suspend (white screen), Fixed a bug in Scribble on PDF that allowed you to write outside of the physical PDF page, Many other smaller improvements and bugfixes. Firmware-release 2.0 Beta has been released April 1, 2010, see [9]. Improvements: support for Adobe RMSDK 9.1 EPUB & PDF rendering engine, more responsive GUI, localized GUI (English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Greek), minor improvements to power management(?), metadata search, bugfixes. Regressions: no Mobipocket support, no dictionary support, ‘Hide Margins’ zoom factor option removed (at least from beta), v1.7 scribbles might/do not show correctly on v2.0-beta. Firmware-release 2.0 has been announced March 2, 2010. Firmware-release 1.7 has been released August 17th, 2009, see [10]. Improvements: Tabbed task manager, bugfixes. Firmware-release 1.6 has been released May 13th, 2009, see [11]. Improvements: power consumption, performance, PressReader. Firmware-release 1.5 has been released February 4th, 2009, see [12]. Firmware 1.5 adds long awaited power management, plus other features, i.e customizable toolbar etc. Firmware-release 1.02 has been released November 17th, 2008. A new Firmware-Release 1.01 that fixes some of the initial problems has been published by IRex. You can find it here.
  • DR1000S iRex tools. A flexible tool for merging handwritten notes with PDF files. For Linux or Mac. Website or this forum thread
  • DR800: You can add these applications and features to your Digital Reader by copying them to the "Personal Documents" folder of your SD card which can be accessed by connecting your DR to your computer or using a card reader. Note the folder change from "Programs" to "Personal Documents" if trying to run SD1000 software! "Folder Hack" (browse SD card folder hierarchy). See instructions in this forum thread. CTBPlus by Kolenka. Download from this forum thread
  • FBReader (free eBook reader, adds multiple file formats). FBReader 0.10.2 for the DR1000 firmware 1.7.1. Download from this forum thread. FBReader 0.8.10 for the DR1000, initial port. Download from this forum thread.
  • DjVu (by Luite) — download from this forum thread
  • Xournal for the DR1000/DR800 (note taking app). Latest update for R1.7.1 (DR1000) in this forum thread
  • Matchbox Keyboard Update by Grimulkan. Download from this forum thread
  • Evince viewer for files in DjVu format. Download from this forum thread
  • Change page rotation direction (clockwise, anticlockwise) + set timeout period (15-30-60 minutes). Download from this forum thread
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