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iRex is a "Spin-off" of Philips and the two companies have a long term development relationship. As well as patent and licensing agreements. However Philips Electronics holds no formal share position in iRex.

iRex is distinguished from other companies in the eBook market by making their own screen controller. This has allowed them to offer 16 grayscale level eBook Readers from the very beginning. They also use a touch screen from Wacom. They introduced their first device in 2006.

iRex is also a member of the eNews initiative along with various large international newspapers/publishers.

The Netherlands-based company iRex Technologies deals with financial difficulties and has filed for chapter 11, stated iRex-ceo Hans Brons.


iRex Technologies BV
High Tech Campus 9, NL-5656 AE Eindhoven
P.O. Box 775, NL-5600 AT Eindhoven

The company makes the:

For more information see (the website has been permanently closed since september 2010)

The New Companyname is IRX Innovations See:

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