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Reader Library is the current name for the software used to manage eBook software on a Windows PC for the Sony Portable Reader. This software was originally called the Connect Reader software and then eBook Library.

[edit] Overview

Sony recommends using the Reader Library Software to import and transfer files to the Reader, as it will enable faster page turns and re-sizing on the Reader itself. They have also included the ability to import Microsoft Word files to the device. The Reader Library will convert the Word document to RTF during the import process as long as the user has Microsoft® Word on the PC (this happens behind the scenes).

Reader Library is also a reader. It can be used to read Sony eBook files, LRF, LRX, and ePUB directly on the Windows PC or Mac OS X computers. It has a feature to emulate the screen on the Sony eBook so that it can be used to test eBooks that you create yourself or as a general purpose Reader for ePUB books.

Reader Library also provides access to the Sony web site to permit the download and purchase of eBooks. As of the latest release these eBooks are all in ePUB format. It also provides access to Google eBooks classic library in ePUB format.

[edit] For more information

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