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This page is intended to be a starting point for all activities around software that comes with your e-book reader device.

A lot of information you will find in the forums. Please consider putting the results of the forum discussions into this wiki, so others can find them more easily than searching around the threads.

Read and probably use the proposal for structuring and naming when creating new wiki pages for e-book reader software.


[edit] What you will find here

  • Programs to read your eBooks and how to install them on to your particular device
  • Firmware to run and update your device
  • Software Development Kits for developing your own applications or alter the firmware

Now we hope you will get straight forward for what you are looking for ;)

[edit] Contributors

Developers should use and link to the Develpopers Hub Trac project management tool to manage and share their open source (!) code, binaries or documents. For all sort of binary files (e.g. zip, tar.gz, ...) you can use the ftp service at Develpopers Hub.

Anyway be aware of open source licence rules for uploading and sharing code and respect the rights of the respective owners and firms. And be aware: "free" is not always "open source", but much more restricted when it comes to share or altering the content (e.g. code)!

The same applies for other - not open sourced - copyrighted material (e.g. hardware manuals, images, ...).

[edit] Programs for eBook devices


Here you find the programs for your device and informations how to install them. This might be not only reader software, but also apps for enhancing you E-readers capabilities.

[edit] Programs

[edit] General

[edit] Firmware for eBook devices

Applying firmware, that is not officially released by your customer can damage your device, will leave it probably unbootable or you could loose the guaranty.

So only proceed with this section, if you know what you are doing.

Ebook device software - firmware.png

The firmware contains the operating system for your device and you main applications. The firmware you will find here, could be custom made or officially released. There are also manufactor independent solutions

[edit] Software Development Kits for eBook devices

Ebook device software - sdk.png

With a SDK you can develop or bugfix your firmware. You also (depends on the SDK) simulate your device on your PC. Some SDK's allow easily develop own applications or comile given source code. For the variety of models view the following pages.

No word of warning here, because if you are using or contributing to these tools you should be aware of what you are doing and be aware of the risks (see firmware).

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