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OI graphical menu (v0.2 beta)
OI running FBReader, setup menu

OpenInkpot (often designated as OI) is an alternative, free / open source firmware.

It intends to be a hardware-independent software-stack for the specific needs of an e-book reader device. OI is work in progress and beta quality, but usable.


[edit] Supported Hardware

Porting to other e-reader hardware should be possible, the OI team hopes to attract developers joining the effort. See the list of supported hardware for more details.

[edit] Installation

The N516 requires flashing the firmware with a Windows-based tool. The V3 allows running the alternative firmware from SD card without modifying the original firmware flash, so that you can choose between the original firmware and OI during boot.

More information at OI's installation guide for 0.2.

[edit] Features

  • FBReader and Cool Reader preinstalled to open most e-book file formats
  • OI does not support DRM
  • PDF viewer with advanced features
  • Simple DJVU viewer
  • Image viewer
  • Games / puzzles
  • Audio book / music player (implemented on N516)
  • Bookshelf application with on-device file management (folders, file deletion)
  • SDK for cross-platform application development
  • Unicode support
  • User can install Truetype fonts
  • Translation of user interface to any locale possible

[edit] Current Status

0.2.2 is the latest released version.

[edit] More Information

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