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ePub Press is a Google Chrome extension to build ePub eBooks from web pages.

[edit] How it works

Step by step.

  • Download the extension
  • Open any news articles/blog posts/webpages you want in your book as separate tabs in Chrome browser
  • Click on the extension
  • Select the tabs you want in your book.
  • Click download

All the pages are sent to a service that removes ads/cruft and stitches all the content together into a .epub/.mobi file. The final result can be downloaded or emailed.


  • Removes all the ads and cruft from webpages.
  • Allows you to read your webpages offline.
  • Supports .mobi and .epub (so should work with all your devices)
  • Ability to email content directly to your device.

It's free. I'm not making money off it. Just a tool I always wanted and thought I would share.

[edit] Discussion

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