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eScape is a free Open Office Writer to ePub creator. It lets you instantly and effortlessly turn Open Office Writer documents (ODT) into perfect ePubs ready to share with your friends. eScape the print book hegemony and go e-book first, with eScape.


[edit] Announcement

Coming in February 2012 eScape Online. Create ePub 2, ePub 3 free, with options for Mobi KF8 and bookmarked RGB PDF from *.doc, *.docx and *.odt wordprocessor manuscripts.

The desktop version of eScape will be withdrawn at that time. More announcements on this exciting new service for small and self-publishers will be made shortly.

[edit] Licensing

eScape uses a special version of IGP:FoundationXHTML (FX), the same power-house XML engine behind the publishing engine IGP:FLIP, which lets you create production quality print, Online and eBook formats simultaneously.

Infogrid Pacific's eScape application and its components, templates and processors are Copyright ©2009 Infogrid Pacific Pte. Ltd. All rights reserved.

By downloading and installing eScape you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • eScape is licensed to individuals at no charge (free) for non-commercial use only if it is downloaded from their web site.
  • The ePubs you create can be freely shared, distributed and and given away anywhere and to anyone as long as you do not charge for them. This includes any and all service and/or distribution fees.
  • If you would like a commercial or custom version of eScape please contact the company.

[edit] The Process

Follow a few simple styling rules and with eScape you can create fantastic ePubs instantly.

  1. Use the supplied Open Office Template (OTT) to Structure-Style™= your text files in the familiar Open Office Writer environment.
  2. Open eScape, browse to your ODT, cover image and select a CSS.
  3. Set a few reader friendly options and click "Create ePub"

You can modify and add stylesheets to give your books a distinctive and personal style,

You can modify and change your ODT files to make customized dedication and gift pages. Give your books the real personal touch! It's so easy to do. You can make personal named copies of books for all your friends and family, you can even change the stylesheets and create different versions for different moods.

[edit] For more information

eScape Web page

eScape Online Tutorial

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