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IGP Digital Publisher from InfoGrid Pacific is a commercial publishing suite of tools for Books and eBooks. This product is also known as IGP:FLIP.

[edit] Overview

Digital Publisher is suitable for Trade & Retail Books, Academic Books and Journals, Textbooks and Training Resources, and Manuals and Corporate Documents. It can produce multiple PDF files including end user and print source, as well as eBooks in ePub and Kindle formats. ePub can be either ePub 2 or ePub 3. Kindle can be AZW or MOBI. It can also generate online content. It will also integrate with the IGP content management system.

This Publishing environment includes Content Production Tools which includes templates and collaboration, Editorial control and management tools, Multiple output formats, Reading tools including instant online reading and multiple DRM support. The source content can be remixed, reused, and controlled for any purpose. It designed for business change management.

[edit] Features

Revolutionary online interactive custom document designer

  • aka. IGP:FLIP
  • Author and edit content Online
  • Online design and composition for PDF and e-books.
  • Instant output format generation
  • Power tools for managing fonts, media and templates
  • Integrated XML management strategy
  • Create individual designs for any number of books from a single XML template
  • Easy and intuitive to use.
  • Re-purpose designs and sources

[edit] Other products

  • This company also produces the AZARDI ePub reader and eScape publishing tool.
  • Other publishing tools from the company include: IGP:Distribution Manager and IGP:Subscription Fulfillment System.
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