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E Ink Pearl is E Ink's third generation epaper product. Pearl was introduced in 2010 as a replacement for the Vizplex (2nd generation). Pearl was followed by E Ink Carta in 2013. See E Ink display for a comparison of the 3 displays.


[edit] Overview

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Enhanced Readability

E Ink Pearl creates a dramatic increase in contrast from earlier generations, giving eReaders a contrast ratio close to that of a paperback book. The crisp text and detailed graphics are also highly readable in direct sunlight. Pearl's 16 levels of grey produce the sharpest rendering of images with smooth tones and rich detail.

Improved Speed

E Ink Pearl offers improved speed in page turns from prior generations, with update times ranging from 50-250ms. However, update time is not just a function of our ink – the electronics, waveform and chip sets all make an impact on speed In addition, E Ink Pearl supports localized animation for more enticing advertising content for eNewspaper or eMagazines and a richer educational experience in eTextbooks.

Some newer Pearl screens on products released in 2013 use E Ink’s Regal waveform technology which dramatically reduces the need for refreshes, allowing for a smoother viewing experience. This is what Kobo calls a "clarity screen"

Lowest Power Consumption

E Ink makes the lowest power displays in the eReader industry. And Pearl advances that capability with next generation performance. Unlike other technologies, E Ink is bistable, which means it needs no power to hold an image or page of text. Learn more about how our ink significantly prolongs your battery life on our technology page.


E Ink Pearl modules consist of a TFT (thin film transistor), Ink layer and Protective Sheet. In addition, product designers can include a touch solution, which is incorporated into the module stack. E Ink currently offers digitizer and capacitive touch solutions. Digitizer touch technology utilizes a stylus to update the display, with the touch sensor sitting under the TFT. Capacitive touch technology utilizes finger swipes, and is placed on top of the display module. E Ink's touch solutions will not affect the reflectivity of the display.

Technically E Ink Pearl actually refers to the FPL, Front Panel Laminate. This technology can be used with a Glass TFT and it is the preferred for use with the E Ink Mobius TFT.

[edit] Availability

Size Resolution Touch screen Technology Front light Technology
5" 800 x 600 n/a n/a
6" 800 x 600 n/a n/a
6" 800 x 600 Capacitive n/a
6" 1024 x 758 n/a n/a
6" 1024 x 758 Capacitive n/a
6" 1024 x 758 Capacitive With Front light
8" 1600 x 1200 Capacitive With Front light
9.7" 1200 x 825 n/a n/a
9.7" 1200 x 825 Capacitive With Front light
9.7" 1600 x 1200 n/a n/a
9.7" 2400 x 1650 n/a n/a

[edit] Specifications

  • Contrast: 10:1
  • White state: 70 min
  • Black state: 24 max
  • Reflective: 40.6%
  • Depth: 1bit (black & white A2) and 4 bit (16 level grayscale)
  • View angle: near 180°
  • image update: 120ms (1 bit), 450ms (4 bit)
  • update modes: full, partial page, pipeline
  • Display sizes: 1.44 to 13.3"
  • Resolution: up to 300dpi for gray scale sizes 9.7" and below.

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