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Kindles have a built-in eips command that can clear the screen, can print to the screen, can scroll the text screen, and can display PNG or JPG files to the screen.


[edit] Overview

eips is a custom e Ink support program for kindles.

[edit] Usage

[edit] Update Screen

eips ''

[edit] Print text strings

eips  [col] [row] [-h] string


  • -h for highlighted text

[edit] Show image

eips -g|-b image_path [-w waveform -f -x xpos -y ypos -v]


  • -g for png|jpg, -b for bitmap
  • -w waveform can be gc16 gl16 or du, default is gc16
  • -f for full update, default is partial update
  • -x in units of pixels (does not work on K4)
  • -y in units of pixels (does not work on K4)
  • -v for inverted picture (does not work on K4)

[edit] Paint a retangle on screen

eips -d l=a,w=b,h=c [-x xx -y yy -w wf]


  • -l gray level in hex
  • -w width
  • -h height
  • -x xx location
  • -y yy location
  • -w waveform mode

(Does not work on K4.)

[edit] clear display

eips -c 

[edit] paint checker

eips -q 

(Does not work on K4.)

[edit] paint grayscale

eips -l 

(Does not work on K4.)

[edit] paint pattern

eips -p 

[edit] paint barcode

eips -r barcode

[edit] get fb info

eips -i
eips -i c

prints also colormap. Actually any(?) character instead of c will do.

[edit] Scrolling

Scroll the screen area between <first_row> and <last_row> by one row.

eips -z <first_row> <last_row>

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