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Ganaxa’s Publishing Platform, GPP, is yet another XML based eBook format.


[edit] Overview

GPP consists of methodology, processes and software to prepare content (newspapers, magazines, books, catalogues, adverts…), in any language, and deliver it for optimal use on e-paper reading/display devices.

The various types of content (text, generally structured in XML, pictures, animations, sound) are formatted and processed separately in order to adapt them to the features (size, etc.) of the multiple target reading/display devices. Current devices include the Ganaxa GeR2.

[edit] GPF

Metadata, tags and links are added to the content data in order to obtain a structured data set in Ganaxa Publishing Format (GPF). The GPF data sets are encapsulated in RSS feeds so that users may be automatically informed of updates and new versions of the content.

[edit] GPX

This is DRM protected GPF content.

[edit] For more information

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