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Gitden flowing eBook on iOS (click for full view)

Gitden Reader is an ePub 3 compliant eBook reader for iOS and Android OS.

[edit] Overview

Gitden Reader supports both ePub 2 and ePub 3 while offering full ePub 3 features including interactive multimedia properties; audio, video, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), multiple CSS3, unlimited font-style, vertical writing, JavaScript, etc. Vertical writing is a key need for Japanese text. The Gitden Reader supports both flowing text and ePub 3 fixed layout ePub. Gitden Reader interfaces with Gitden Air to provide remote display of Gitden Air files.

Gitden has plans for eBooks for sale on their web site. A cloud is supported for their eBooks. They are DRM protected using proprietary DRM scheme. However, the reader will read imported books without DRM.

There is also a Gitden Reader for iOS that supports PDF. The iOS version is modeled after iBooks look and feel.

[edit] Features

  • both flowing eBooks (ePub 2 and ePub 3) and fixed layout ePub 3 are supported.
  • Select the font you want and download a custom font if you wish
  • bookmarks, highlight, notes supported
  • variable font sizes, line spacing
  • full justified, left justified (right for RTL)
  • LTR, RTL settings in the eBook honored along with vertical text.
  • Curl page turn, on effect page turn
  • background while, black, sepia with text color set accordingly
  • screen brightness
  • landscape 2 page and single page portrait on iPad.
  • page numbers
  • jump back to page after another selection.
  • pop up footnotes
  • taps or gestures for page turns
  • supports iPad and iPhone with sharing on purchased eBooks.
  • double click images and tables for expanded view.
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