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GuteBook is a preprocessor for Project Gutenberg ("PG") and PG Australia HTML files (or alternatively the best .txt file available) so as to quickly and easily prepare one or many ebook versions for current ebook readers.


[edit] Overview

This project was created by Nick Rapallo (nrapallo) and was adapted from the code written by FangornUK, 10th Nov 2006 (and as recently modified May 2009).

GuteBook (Windows GUI & Perl script) directly retrieves and converts PG or PG Australia HTML files specified by it's EText-No. or URL. PG Australia ebooks require the URL link to the HTML to also be specified in place of the Input File since there is no direct relationship between the PG Australia EText-No. and its URL. Once the HTML is available, the program fixes/filters many HTML items so as to properly create simultaneously many current ebook formats, including, .epub/.lrf/.mobi/.lit/.imp/.rb versions.

Warning: the GuteBook-gui.exe and GuteBook.exe both access the internet and retrieve PG advanced search/External programs' webpages and individual .zip/.htm/txt files respectively.

To accomplish these ebook creations, GuteBook relies heavily on external programs to facilitate the conversions. It uses calibre's Any2epub/lrf/mobi/lit as well as ETI's eBook Publisher.

Afterwards, picky/advanced users can re-edit/tweak the resulting modified .htm and easily re-create the various ebook formats required via dos batch files.

Now anyone can become a seasoned ebook creator with this easy to use program. So if your results ARE that good, consider contributing them to our EBook Upload forum (in the various ebook formats). Even's "elite" ebook creators may find it useful...

[edit] Prerequisites

[edit] Installation

  • For the Windows GUI, download the file, unzip it and execute the enclosed .exe. This will install the Windows GUI program and all other support files.
  • Added a "stripped-down" version with no Windows GUI and with no Windows Installer for those that don't want/like Windows and/or bloat. Just download and unzip the file and run the programs/batch files in the 'bin' directory.
  • Source code ( and files are now also available at the Dev Hub.

[edit] Examples

For examples see GuteBook Ebooks

[edit] For more information

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