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Palmtop computers are small computers that are usually clamshell designs with a screen display in the lid and a small keyboard in the main unit. They are also called handhelds or Handheld PCs (H/PC or just HPC).

[edit] OS

These units usually run a small operating system similar to those used on PDAs and smartphones. These include WinCE, Symbian OS, Linux, and even earlier PC OS's like DOS and Windows running over DOS.

[edit] Articles on specific Palmtops

[edit] Resource for WinCE Palmtops

Many palmtops run older versions of WinCE so it may be difficult to find modern applications that will work on them. Most programs are written for Pocket PC and may or may not work without the Pocket PC specific features. Here are some resources that contain Palmtop specific WinCE eBook applications:

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