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Smartphone is a generic term that is used to identify cell phones that have additional capability in the underlying OS to perform tasks that are not particularly cell phone related. This is a place to list Smartphone devices that are particularly well suited for eBook Reading.


[edit] Overview of eBook use

Smartphones use downloadable apps to provide eBook reading capability which can vary based on the app downloaded. Generally the problem with reading on a smartphone is the limitation imposed by the screen size. Some attempt to solve this problem by using very high resolution screens so that small text can be rendered clearly and thus are usable by holding the phone closer to your eyes. Most allow adjusting the size of the font or use landscape mode for reading. The newest version uses an even larger screen and has coined the name phablet to distinguish the increased screen size from the standard smartphone.

[edit] Android Smartphone

Smartphones that use the Google Android operating system. Android was listed as the best-selling smartphone platform worldwide in Q4 2010 by Canalys. Manufacturers include Samsung, HTC, Motorolla and Sony amongst others. The BOOX E43 is an E Ink device that runs Android OS and provides the BOOX eBook reader built-in. It is a true eBook reading device inside a cell phone.

Another interesting variation is a PadFone X mini which is a phone that plugs into a larger display. The Nexus S (from Google) is an size for eBook reading. The latest device from Google is the Google Pixel 2 and the XL version.

[edit] Apple iPhone

There are many eBook applications available for the iPhone. They will also work on the iPod Touch. The newer devices have the retina display which provide high resolution which works well for eBook use if you hold the device close to your face. See iOS for details on the OS.

[edit] Microsoft Smartphone

  • The HTC HD2 smartphone is particularly well suited as an eBook reader with its 4.3" 800 x 480 pixel screen. It runs Windows Mobile Professional 6.5

See Windows Mobile for details on the OS. The later Windows versions were first called Windows phone 7 but then simply Windows phone as it has matured under Windows 8.

  • An inexpensive no contract phone running windows 8.1 is the Nokia Lumia 520.

[edit] Palm Smartphone

Popelli Reader for the Palm Pre which uses WebOS.

See WebOS for details on the OS.

[edit] Symbian Smartphone

See E-book software#Symbian OS for eBook reading programs for this OS.

See Symbian OS for details on the OS.

[edit] BlackBerry Smartphone

There are many eBook applications available for this phone.

See BlackBerry for details on the OS.

[edit] Web Browser OS

These days there is a push toward using a cloud OS with Web Browsers used to anchor the capability using app addons to the browser itself. Examples include the Chrome OS and the Firefox OS.

[edit] Highly rated

Here are a few phones that are considered the best for eBook Reading although they might not be the best for phone use.

The HTC Sensation is a solid choice; it has a big screen and high resolution. Feels good in your hands. A good second choice is the Nexus S. Other big screens: the Samsung Infuse 4G on AT&T or Droid Charge on Verizon. The BOOX E43 is another solid choice. The iPhone 6 and later makes a good eBook reader due to is larger screen.

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