ILiad Firmware V2.10

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[edit] iLiad Firmware V2.10

See also iLiad Firmware V2.11

[edit] WPA secured wireless connection

  • You can now connect to a WPA (WiFi Protected Access) secured wireless network. For more details, see the v2.10 User Manual.

[edit] Ability to define the archive locations

  • The 4 archive keys (NEWS, BOOKS, DOCS and NOTES) are individually redefinable to a memory type (Internal memory, CF-card, MMC-card and USB-stick)
  • Downloaded items from iDS are also redirected to these memory types

[edit] Bug fixes

  • Improvements made on the stability of the PDF-viewer

[edit] Image quality

  • In some cases, an improved image quality can be observed

[edit] Diversification of iLiad into two language sets

  1. The iLiad ER0100/002 for Latin countries (Western Europe, North & South America and Canada) with following languages: English, German, French and Dutch. Spanish will follow in a next release.
  2. The iLiad ER0100/010 for the Chinese market with following languages: Chinese and English
    • For the iLiad ER0100/002:
      The Chinese language is replaced by the French language
    • For the iLiad ER0100/010:
      Reduced number of downloads to install software updates (PDF and EBA viewers are now included in the download). Only one additional download required.
  • Note: The diversification of your iLiad is pre-defined and relates to the country where you purchased your device.

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