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See also iLiad Firmware V2.10 and iLiad Firmware V2.12

[edit] iLiad Firmware V2.11 (09/26/2007)

Software release v2.11 is now available for download from iDS.

Power Management

  • Improved power management: Expected 10% additional battery life. The CPU frequency is scaled down when the processor is idle in order to save power.

User Interface

  • Multi Delete: Select up to 6 items in the Contentlister and delete them in one go.
  • Spanish Language Support: The iLiad user interface now also supports Spanish
  • Free Space indication: The Device Manager now shows the free space available on the different storage locations (Internal, CF, MMC, USB)
  • Quick Access Recent Documents: Quickly Access your recent documents via a long press on the Device Manager button

iLiad Settings

  • Definable startup behavior: You can now define to start up in a folder of your choosing or to load the last read document
  • Stylus calibration: You can now re-calibrate the Stylus (Developed in cooperation with community developers as a community project).
  • Time zone Selection: Set your local time offset to GMT.
  • Device Overview Page: You can now easily retrieve all your device information in the Device Overview page of the settings menu.


  • New Connection Manager: The new connection manager will show only the available WiFi networks with the signal strength indicator, and with a single click you can create a new profile.
  • Support Dial-up functionally for Modem CF cards: The iLiad now also supports the dial-up functionality for modem CF cards (GSM-data, CDMA).
  • Improved Profile Manager: The profile manager has been improved to allow you to more profiles and to manage them more easily.
  • Timed content download: With the Timed content download you can let your iLiad connect to iDS at a set time and download available content. In case the iLiad is switched off; it will wake up and power down after the download.
  • Select memory export to PC: Now you can select which memory ((Internal, CF, MMC, USB) to export to the PC via the USB connection.
  • Improved Share function: The Share function will allow you now to either move or copy files from the iLiad to your PC.

PDF Viewer

  • Back and Forward Buttons: Easily navigate through PDF documents using hyper links via the back and forward button.

Mobipocket Viewer

  • Improved Support for HTML-based content: now supports more HTML-based content: This includes converted CHM files, which should now work better.

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