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[edit] iLiad Firmware V2.12 (2008-02-06)

See also iLiad Firmware V2.11 and iLiad Firmware V2.5

[edit] New Features

  • Connection Manager GUI Improvements: To simplify the process of creating a network connection to the iDS, several improvements have been made in the connection manager. These improvements focus on providing more feedback to the user when an error occurs.
  • Support Tables in Mobipocket Documents: Converted Mobipocket documents with tables can now rendered correctly. However, there is currently no solution to navigate a table that is wider than the screen.
  • Support Mobipocket folder on MMC, CF and USB: It is now possible to create a ‘books\Mobipocket folder on MMC, CF, or USB memory. This will work the same as the Mobipocket folder located in the internal memory. Dictionaries will work from any of these locations.
  • Do not Automatically Connect to open WiFi Network: A wireless connection preferences option has been added to the settings menu. An automatic connection can now be disabled in the iLiad settings menu. This will stop the device from automatically using any unsecure WiFi networks to connect to iDS.

[edit] Bug Fixes

  • CDMA dialup profile: The CDMA dialup profile can now support an empty username and/or password.
  • Disallow USB connection when not in Content Lister: To prevent problems with sporadic disk corruption, the USB connection now only works when the system is in the Content Lister view.
  • MMC contents not visible after USB connection
  • Several small stability improvements

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