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See also iLiad Firmware V2.7 amd iLiad Firmware V2.8


[edit] iLiad Firmware V2.7.1

This software patch 2.7.1 is part of an ongoing process to improve the overall performance to ensure an even better electronic reading experience for our customers. We recommend that all users install this patch.

[edit] Content Browser

  • TXT files now show the correct icon
  • Toolbar icons are now anti-aliased
  • The Up-key will now allow you to exit the rename screen
  • Bug fixed where you could no longer open a renamed container
  • Bug fixed where not all illegal characters for the rename function were replaced
  • After a search the search string will remain available.
  • Bug fixed where low battery warning was not displayed when starting up with a low battery
  • Bug fixed where multi clicking in the content browser could crash the system
  • Bug fixed where a double press on the confirm key in the iLiad settings could crash the content browser
  • Bug fixed where a double press on the confirm key in CF card menu with no CF card inserted would open the iLiad settings

[edit] Security Fixes

  • Security fix for Xserver leak
  • Security fix for leak in Profiles

[edit] PDF Viewer

  • Zoom function improved
  • Pre-rendering of internal hyperlinks in PDF documents
  • Deactivating the keyboard in the PDF viewer no longer leaves a gray image

[edit] Network Profiles

  • Bug fixed where connection manager could crashed when editing a profile

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