ILiad Firmware V2.8

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See also iLiad Firmware V2.71


[edit] iLiad Firmware V2.8

This software release 2.8 is part of an ongoing process to extend the functionalities of the iLiad and to improve the overall performance to ensure an even better electronic reading experience for its customers.

[edit] Power Management

  • Improved Power Management: expected 10% additional battery life (when sound disabled). Additional power management improvements are planned in upcoming software releases

[edit] User Interface

  • PIN Code: Optionally protect your iLiad from unauthorised access with a personalised PIN code (Factory Default PIN Code is 0000).
  • Recently Opened Documents: Access your recently opened documents from the Device Manager
  • Configurable Flipbar: Configure the flipbar direction to turn a page to your liking.
  • Key Buffering: The iLiad will remember the keys pressed and process them when the device is ready.
  • German Language Support: The iLiad interface now also support German*.

[edit] PDF Viewer

  • Scribble Function: Make annotations on PDF documents with the Stylus.
  • Continuous Mode: Additional page mode that will enhance landscape reading for A4 documents.
  • Improved Zoom: The overal functionality of the zoom has been improved and is more accurate.
  • Previous Zoom: Toggle between different zoom selections.

[edit] Connectivity

  • Background Connect: Make a background connection to iDS to check for content at a configurable interval.

[edit] Bug Fixes

  • The problem with the stylus being not responsive at times is solved with this version.

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