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The iPhone Bookshelf is an eBook Reader that supports many formats. New ones are planned. This program is not free. As of version 3.0 this problem is now called Tomes and includes iPad support.

[edit] Formats supported

BookShelf currently supports the following book formats with more on the way:

Please note that at this time, BookShelf does not support PDB files which were created for the iSilo or eReader programs. Support for these formats is planned for a future release.

[edit] Features

Some of BookShelf's features include:

  • Read in portrait or landscape with the ability to "lock-in" an orientation regardless of the device's current position.
  • Add named bookmarks to any document type.
  • Auto-scroll at various speeds to read "hands-free".
  • Support for large files -- no upper limit on size, and files as large as 7MB open in seconds.
  • Color themes for foreground and background color.
  • User selectable font and size for text files
  • Easy interface to download books from your desktop OR from online book stores
  • Completely off-line usage. Once downloaded to the device, books can be read without an Internet connection, even in airplane mode.
  • Has support for DropBox.
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