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[edit] Introduction

Now and then you may want to communicate with your fellow MobileReaders in a real-time fashion. For this purposes you may access our chat network, which is implemented on the Internet Relay Chat (IRC) protocol.

[edit] Before you Start

  • We don't store chat logs. Due to the fleeing nature of chats, anything you consider of importance that you want to share with other members is better suited to be posted in the MobileRead forums.
  • Follow the guidelines. Our chat network is a very friendly, welcoming place to hang out and interact. Keep in mind that it is used by a broad range of people from a broad range of different backgrounds, and their opinions may differ with yours for a variety of reasons. Also remember that MobileRead intends to be a work- and family-friendly place, so please keep conversation appropriate. Consult our general guidelines for more information (where applicable).
  • Idle is nice. Unlike many instant messengers most people tend to idle in IRC until they actively check their computer. Don't be disappointed if you don't get any immediate response.
  • Report. If you were treated rudely, sworn at, or called names, that is a violation of our rules which will not be tolerated. It is appropriate to bring such rude or disparaging behavior to our attention.
  • MobileRead cannot be held liable in any way for any actions or outcomes associated with the use of the chat network.

[edit] Quick Start

MobileRead's chat network can be accessed in multiple ways.

[edit] If you've never used IRC before

The easiest way to start chatting is to use the integrated chat widget in the MobileRead forums. Since it's web-based, you don't need to download anything.

Irc 1.png

Click Connect! That's it.

Starter Guide. Read our starter guide for more information, tools, and resources.

[edit] If you are familiar with IRC

Since the network is based on IRC you can use any available IRC client to join it. Our server settings:

* Server:
* Ports: 6665-6669, and 7000
* Secure Ports (SSL): 6697 and 9999
* Main Channel: #mobileread
* SASL authentication supported

Advanced Guide. Read our advanced guide for more information, tools, and resources.

[edit] More Information

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