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[edit] Basic IRC commands

  • /join #channel
Joins a channel named #channel, change #channel to the name of the channel you wish to join (i.e. /join #mobileread)
  • /part #channel reason
Leave channel '#channel'. Reason is optional and shows why you left the channel (i.e. /part #mobileread time to eat).
  • /quit reason
Quits from the server, this disconnects you from all channels entirely, as opposed to /part, which only disconnects one channel. 'reason' is optional (i.e. /quit time for bed)
  • /nick newnick
Changes what nickname (aka username) you are using. (i.e. /nick mobilereadrocks)

[edit] Advanced IRC Commands

Advanced IRC commands can be found at the following websites (Note that as of now, freenode has the same services as Mobileread)
All Chanserv commands
All Nickserv Commands
User modes
Channel Modes
General IRC commands

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