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iRex Digital Reader 1000.

iRex Digital Reader

iRex Digital Reader 1000 in use.


The iRex Digital Reader family also inlcudes an 8.1" model called the DR800SG.

The 10.2" iRex Digital Reader includes a Wacom® Penabled touch screen (1000S / 1000SW) and wireless connectivity (1000SW). Featuring a 10.2-inch display, the iRex Digital Reader is one of the largest e-readers. The 1000SW to be released in early 2009.

The product includes support for a Windows print driver that allows an application on the PC to print directly to the unit.

Currently a cold boot time takes about 50 seconds, and with the advanced power management (planned future release), waking up from stand-by mode is projected to take approx 1 second, and from the hibernate mode approx 15 seconds.


  • Model:
DR1000 - Basic functionality
DR1000S - Wacom Penabled touch screen adds note taking
DR1000SW - Includes touch screen and adds WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Weight and size: 535g (or 570g), 217 x 268 x 11.9 mm (plastic case)
  • Screen
    • Size: 10.2" approx 207 x 155 mm
    • Resolution: 1024 x 1280 pixels, 158 ppi
    • 16 level grayscale
  • Processor and memory
  • Capacity
    • SD Card of 1GB included (SDHC compatible, upgradeable)
    • Capacity of up to 1000 documents
    • Capacity of up to 400 images
  • Battery
    • rechargebable 1300mAh Lithium-Ion battery
    • 5h charge time using a USB port on your computer
    • People are reporting 12+ hrs life with version 1.6 firmware
  • Input/Output
    • Capacitive buttons with optical feedback
    • Wacom Penabled touchscreen on S models.
    • Mini-USB connector
  • Languages
    • Dutch, French, English and German
    • Additional languages with the next updates
  • Environmental requirements: Temperatures between 0 and 45ºC
  • In the box
    • iRex DR 1000
    • USB Cable
    • Quick Start guide


This unit was preceded by the iRex iLiad.


In a market much more sensible to energy consumption and autonomy like that of eReaders, it is proved that battery life is not what advertised by Irex; also with the new 1.7 firmware, users are measuring about 12 hours of use. During product launch, Irex stated in the web products pages that this device will last days with one charge, and for some users this is considered a bad case of false advertisement. As a proof of that, after the release of 1.5 version, IRex removed the statement on the product page that the device "will last days", as a clear admission of poor battery choice for the reader. Look at real user opinions [1] and [2] and regarding 1.6 improvements [3]

See Also

Ebook functions

  • Remember last read page
  • Change font size
  • Zoom selection (custom area and pre-defined zoom levels)
  • Auto crop content (remove border white space)
  • Fit page to screen
  • Panning
  • Landscape and portrait reading mode
  • Continuous and page-by-page reading mode
  • Show pages as thumbnails
  • Full screen reading mode (no page- and toolbar)
  • Back and forward in viewed pages
  • Table of contents
  • Create/remove a bookmark on a page
  • Table of bookmarks
  • Search in the document
  • Write and erase comments (handwritten annotations)
  • Change the pen thickness
  • Mobipocket dictionary support from any content format

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