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ISO 8859-5 is an ISO standard Character set for Cyrillic but has never really caught on in practice. It is not nearly as popular as Windows-1251 which covers the same alphabet but also adds some extra characters.


[edit] Alphabet


  • upper case: А Б В Г Д Е Ж З И Й К Л М Н О П Р С Т У Ф Х Ц Ч Ш Щ Ъ Ы Ь Э Ю Я
  • lower case: а б в г д е ж з и й к л м н о п р с т у ф х ц ч ш щ ъ ы ь э ю я

Eastern Europe

  • others: № Ё ё Ђ ђ Ѓ ѓ Є є Ѕ ѕ І і Ї ї Ј ј Љ љ Њ њ Ћ ћ Ќ ќ § Ў ў Џ џ

[edit] 8859-5 Code page layout

The following table shows ISO 9959-5. Each character is shown with its decimal code and its Unicode equivalent.

The full ISO 8859-5 includes ASCII values. The ones shown here are unique to this coding. This code is related to the Windows-1251 coding system but does not include all of the characters in that system nor are the code combinations the same.

UTF-8 Character Code Description[1]
U+00A0 160 NBSP
U+0401 Ё 161
U+0402 Ђ 162
U+0403 Ѓ 163
U+0404 Є 164
U+0405 Ѕ 165
U+0406 І 166
U+0407 Ї 167
U+0408 Ј 168
U+0409 Љ 169
U+040A Њ 170
U+040B Ћ 171
U+040C Ќ 172
U+00AD 173 SHY (soft hyphen)
U+040E Ў 174
U+040F Џ 175
U+0410 А 176
U+0411 Б 177
U+0412 В 178
U+0413 Г 179
U+0414 Д 180
U+0415 Е 181
U+0416 Ж 182
U+0417 З 183
U+0418 И 184
U+0419 Й 185
U+041A К 186
U+041B Л 187
U+041C М 188
U+041D Н 189
U+041E О 190
U+041F П 191
U+0420 Р 192
U+0421 С 193
U+0422 Т 194
U+0423 У 195
U+0424 Ф 196
U+0425 Х 197
U+0426 Ц 198
U+0427 Ч 199
U+0428 Ш 200
U+0429 Щ 201
U+042A Ъ 202
U+042B Ы 203
U+042C Ь 204
U+042D Э 205
U+042E Ю 206
U+042F Я 207
U+0430 а 208
U+0431 б 209
U+0432 в 210
U+0433 г 211
U+0434 д 212
U+0435 е 213
U+0436 ж 214
U+0437 з 215
U+0438 и 216
U+0439 й 217
U+043A к 218
U+043B л 219
U+04eC м 220
U+043D н 221
U+043E о 222
U+043F п 223
U+0440 р 224
U+0441 с 225
U+0442 т 226
U+0443 у 227
U+0444 ф 228
U+0445 х 229
U+0446 ц 230
U+0447 ч 231
U+0448 ш 232
U+0449 щ 233
U+044A ъ 234
U+044B ы 235
U+044C ь 236
U+044D э 237
U+044E ю 238
U+044F я 239
U+2116 240 Numero sign[2]
U+0451 ё 241
U+0452 ђ 242
U+0453 ѓ 243
U+0454 є 244
U+0455 ѕ 245
U+0456 і 246
U+0457 ї 247
U+0458 ј 248
U+0459 љ 249
U+045A њ 250
U+045B ћ 251
U+045C ќ 252
U+00A7 § 253 section sign[3]
U+045E ў 254
U+045F џ 255

[edit] Notes

  1. Unless otherwise indicated the codes listed in the description are the same as ISO-8859-1.
  2. Not the same as ISO-8859-1.
  3. Not the same as ISO-8859-1.

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