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iWork is the Mac equivalent of MS Office.

The Pages, Keynote (presentation tool), and Numbers (spreadsheet tool) all use the iWork database format. ePub is a supported output.

[edit] IWA

The contents of an Index.zip file includes a Tables folder and a set of IWA files (iWorks Archive format). This format uses Snappy Compression (an open format developed by Google) using the framing format. It is a package format contained in a folder where the name of the folder is the document name. For distribution this folder and its content are normally zipped.

Tables a folder containing DataList.iwa
AnnotationAuthorStorage.iwa binary file
CalculationEngine.iwa binary file includes the language identification
Document.iwa binary file containing the text in nearly clear text (uncompressed).
DocumentStylesheet.iwa binary file containing the style sheet.
Metadata.iwa binary, top level document pointing to all the other files.
ThemeStylesheet.iwa binary file - master stylesheet
ViewState.iwa binary file
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