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  • It is recommended that you test all cards with the latest iLiad Firmware, which is 2.12 as of 6th February 2008
  • All memory devices must be formatted as superdisk to work with the iLiad. Partitioned media are not supported.
  • All storage devices should be formatted fat32


[edit] Legend

Manufacturer Model Size iLiad F/W Notes/Additional info
Card That Works xxxx
Card That Intermittently Works xxxx
Card That Does Not Work xxxx
Card That Is Being Tested xxxx

[edit] CF

The Iliad should recognise all CF cards up to 4 Gb. Some 8 Gb and 16 Gb cards are reported to work, and the whole storage capacity can be used. Note that Iliad's content lister will show an available capacity of only 4GB even if a >4GB card has more than 4 GB available memory space.

Manufacturer Model Size iLiad F/W Notes/Additional info
Apacer 256Mb 2.11
Lexar 128Mb
Lexar Lexar Media 256Mb 2.12 4x speed
Mittoni 128Mb
Nytech 256Mb found to be only intermittantly recognised
Pyn 512Mb
Pny (?) 4GB (kapoeira)
eFilm 64Mb >= 2.9.1
SanDisk 32Mb >= 2.9.1
SanDisk 256Mb <= 2.10.2 sporadic failure to recognise on boot. Reseat card fixes issue
SanDisk 512Mb
SanDisk 1Gb
SanDisk 2Gb
SanDisk Ultra II 1Gb
SanDisk Ultra II 2Gb
SanDisk Ultra II 4Gb >= 2.9.5 (failure reported by imelenchon)

WORKS! firmware 2.9.5 by falco
Works intermittently with 2.12: Have to turn off, extract, turn on, view empty, turn off, insert, turn on...

SanDisk Ultra II 8Gb (menega)
SanDisk Extreme III 2Gb
SanDisk Extreme III 8Gb (Dr Mojo)
SanDisk Extreme III 16Gb (Skeilio)
SanDisk Extreme IV 8Gb (dzt)
Silicon Power 45X 4Gb Tested on 2.12
TakeMS hyperspeed 120x 8Gb Tested on 2.12 buy cheap @
Viking International 1Gb
Hitachi 4Gb >= 2.5
Hitachi Microdrive 2Gb Tested on 2.11
Hitachi Microdrive 6Gb Tested on 2.11
IBM Microdrive 1Gb >= 2.5
Transcend 80x 1Gb <= 2.12.1 Reading from card works fine. iLiad appears to have issues writing to card
Transcend 4Gb Works after reformating to Fat32, factory formatted Fat32 does not work.
Transcend TS8GCF120 8GB 120x speed, Low power consumption(G5). Reported working by Erik Schuitema
Transcend TS8GCF133 8GB 133x speed. works fine as long as you don't transfer files using the iLiad as the 'card reader' for the CF card, if you do the filesystem corrupts and reports 0% free space in ContentLister
Transcend 16GB 133x speed, Works great so far. [Reported working by Max Khesin]
Kingston Elite Pro 4Gb
AData Speedy 8GB 2.12 Content lister reports 4GB, but "df -k ." into /media/cf with Mrxvt reports 8GB
AData Speedy 16GB Tested on 2.11
AData Speedy 32GB
AData 120x 8GB >= 2.8
AData Super CF 80x 1GB drazvan: sometimes fails to be recognized (gets recognized after a reboot)
Crucial 256Mb
Canon 32Mb
Datafab Systems SD/MMC to CF Adapter N/A Works with:

--SanDisk SD Ultra II Plus USB (512MB)
--Connect 3D SD (4GB)

Silicon Power 2Gb 2.11
AQR AQ2GCF-R 2Gb 2.11
CnMemory CF Card Gold 8192MB 8Gb 2.12

[edit] MMC

MMC cards up to 1 Gb are recognised.

MMCplus cards are not supported. However, as these cards are supposed to be compatible to MMC, cards up to 1GB should also work in the iLiad.

Manufacturer Model Size iLiad F/W Notes/Additional info
Adata Turbo MMCPlus 1Gb
ExtreMEmory ExtreMEmory MMCPlus 1Gb 2.12 MMCplus 60x PREMIUM
Kingston Kingston MMCPlus 512Mb

[edit] SD

A separate page exists: Iliad SD Memorycards list to make printing a hard copy easy so that you can take it to the store. It is included here so that only one copy exists. According to this thread in the Irex Forum, SD cards are not 100% supported. Additionally, SD cards over 1 GB will not work at all.

Manufacturer Model Size iLiad F/W Notes/Additional info
Medion 256Mb
Kingston 512Mb
Kingston 1Gb
Apacer 256Mb >=2.9.1
DaneElec 256MGb >=2.9.1
X Digital Media 512Mb
EMTEC 1Gb Explicitly mentions MMC compatibility in spec sheet
Qpix 1Gb
SanDisk 256Mb
SanDisk 512Mb tested on 2.10
SanDisk Ultra II 512Mb
SanDisk Ultra II Plus USB 512Mb Works as USB device
SanDisk 1Gb
SanDisk Ultra II 1Gb
SanDisk micro SD 2Gb tested on 2.10
SanDisk Ultra II SD Plus 1Gb >= 2.7 (reported by kabriel)
SanDisk Extreme III 1Gb
Toshiba SD-M01G 1Gb 2.9.1 (b_k)
Transcend 1Gb
Transcend 2Gb
Transcend (150x) 4Gb
Transcend MiniSD Adapter >= 2.9.1 Used with Transcend MiniSD 1Gb (80x)
Tyrex 1GB SD Card 1Gb (kapoeira)
Platinum 1GB SD Card 1Gb
Fujifilm 1GB SD Card 1Gb
Canon SDC-16M 16Mb >= 2.9.1

[edit] USB

Manufacturer Model Size iLiad F/W Notes/Additional info
Apple iPod Video G5.5 80Gb 80Gb >=2.11 iPod showes "Don't disconnect", but iLiad does not see contents
Astone USB Bar Transcend JetFlash 2.0 128Mb >=2.11 iLiad does not see contents
Buffalo 2Gb needs to be inserted before boot up
DSE 512Mb
DSE 1Gb <=2.12
Imation 1Gb
Lenovo 512Mb
Dane-Elec zMate Pen 512Mb Silver
Apple iPod Nano
Apple iPod 3rd Gen 15Gb <= 2.9.1 iPod FW 2.1, iPod screen shows do not disconnect. iLiad does not see contents
PQ1 Cool Drive-U339 128Mb USB 2.0
Pretek I-Disc Wave 1Gb
SanDisk SD Ultra II Plus USB 512Mb SD card w/ built in USB plug. USB works, SD card doesn't
SanDisk Cruzer Mini 128Mb
SanDisk Cruzer Micro 1Gb >= 2.9.1
SanDisk Cruzer Micro 2Gb
X Digital Media 512Gb Card reader with 512Mb SD card inserver
Silver Pearl MicroX 512Mb USB 2.0
Digiconnect ?? >=2.9.1 Part of USB WLAN device
Corsair Flash Voyager 256Mb >=2.9.1 Not as factory formatted
Corsair Flash Voyager 512Mb >=2.9.1 Not as factory formatted
Corsair Flash Voyager 4Gb >=2.9.1 Not as factory formatted
Crosair Flash Voyagero 1Gb
Toshiba Toshib TransMemory (U3) 4Gb 2.12 Works out of the box - U3 functionality only under Windows
Kingston Data Traveler 512Mb USB 2.0
Kingston Data Traveler 1Gb >=2.9.1
Kingston Data Traveler 2Gb USB 2.0
Kingston Data Traveler 4Gb 2.12 USB 2.0[report working by "摔了一跤"]
SimpleTech 256mb needs to be inserted before boot up (Forum Post)
IcyBox Firewire/USB Caddy 250Gb >= 2.9.1 Caddy housed 3.5" Western Digital WD2500 250Gb Hard Drive, External Power Source.
IBM Travelstar Portable USB Caddy 20Gb <= 2.10 Caddy housed 2.5" Fujitsu 20Gb Hard Drive, No External Power Source (second USB plug for power for >40GB).
Nokia 6085 1Gb 1Gb micro SD in cell phone. USB storage mode needs to be selected on phone. Additional Nokia cable needed.
Trekstor DataStation maxi m.u 500GB 2.10.2 Model No.:DSMMU-P-IN-a . HARD DRIVE 3.5",USB 2.0, External Power Source.
EMTEC EKMMD2GC150B 2Gb 2.11 USB 2.0, under ubuntu is mounted as /media/UDISK 2.0, lsusb output: ID 13fe:1e00

Mostly taken from MobileRead Forum

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