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Amazon refuses to publish what changes have been made in every firmware updatde. It is annoying because sometime some useful features disappear in an update. This is the wiki page to reflect the good/bad changes with each update right from v5.0.0. I hope it help people to decide which firmware is best suited for them based on major/minor changes.


[edit] Kindle Touch Changelog

In each section, there would be two parts, one names + and the other -, former is good changes and - is bad changes!

[edit] Update 5.0.0

This is the first version... Welcome to Touch buddies. :)

[edit] Update 5.0.1

To be added by YOU!

[edit] Update 5.0.2

To be added by YOU!

[edit] Update 5.0.3

To be added by YOU!

[edit] Update 5.0.4

To be added by YOU!

[edit] Update 5.1.0


1. Now you can highlight across pages. In PDFs it's still buggy but works somehow.
2. You can go to next page even if you have zoomed in a PDF (just pan to the right)
3. If you press Shift key on the onscreen keyboard twice, it turns on Caps Lock. NICE!


1. Waf is messed up and is so flaky and unstable. When I'm browsing on WiFi, in the middle of doing some search and stuff, the WAF just crashes with the error "The selected application could not be started. Please try again."! Plus I receive a lot of sneaky nasty events going on (watch with showlog -f)

  Example: 120613:174812 system: I dumpstack:wafapp:pid=18748: (no debugging symbols found)
  You can see an example log from another user reported here. http://www.mobileread.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1956306
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