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This page describes the current multi-lingual policy on



  • English is the main reference language, and all root pages should be named and written in English.
  • Other languages should be placed in an appropriately named sub-page of the English version. E.g. the French version of Cybook_Gen3_Tips_and_Troubleshooting should be at Cybook_Gen3_Tips_and_Troubleshooting/fr (not Cybook_Gen3_Astuces_et_Conseil_d_utilisation or Cybook_Gen3_Astuces_et_Conseil_d_utilisation/fr).
  • Language sub-pages should be named using the appropriate language code for that language (see below).
  • Sub-pages should only be used for translations into other languages, not for English content (e.g. you shouldn't use Table editing/example - use Table editing example or Example of table editing instead).
  • If an international version of a page exists but an English version does not, then please create a stub article for the English version as this aids navigation.
  • All pages in the help namespace should be tagged with the {{Languages}} template, which automatically creates links to all available translations.

Language codes

Throughout you should use the language codes specified by the MediaWiki software when creating language-specific content (see Names.php for the full and up-to-date list).

Standardized translations

Sometimes a technical term can be difficult to translate from one language to another. To help with this effort a Word list page has been developed that can be used to list standard words and to provide a place to talk about which word might be the best.

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