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Kindle Comic Converter (KCC) should not be confused with the Amazon app call Kindle Comic Creator.


[edit] Overview

Kindle Comic Converter is a Python app that allows you to transform your PNG, JPG, GIF, CBZ, CBR and CB7 files into EPUB or MOBI format eBooks. Preparing comics and manga for your E Ink device was never easier.

KCC was initially developed for Kindle but currently it outputs valid EPUB 3.0 and CBZ so despite its name, KCC is tool that every E-Reader owner can happily use.

Additionally KCC will process your images and make sure that your comics and manga are fully optimized for E Ink displays.

A CLI version is available for power users.

[edit] Input formats

  • Folders containing: PNG, JPG, GIF or WebP files
  • CBZ, ZIP (With 7z executable)
  • CBR, RAR (With 7z executable)
  • CB7, 7z (With 7z executable)
  • PDF (Only extracting JPG images)

[edit] Changes and additions

  • Current version is 5.5.1 March 8, 2019 quick bug fix.
  • v5.5.0, March 7, 2019
    • Added support for WebP format
    • Added profiles for Kindle paperwhite 4 and Kobo Forma
    • All archives are now handled by 7z
    • Removed MCD support
    • Fixed multiple smaller issues
  • v5.4.5, March 10, 2018
    • Fixed EPUB output for non-Kindle devices
  • v5.4.2 Oct 14, 2017
    • Added Kindle Oasis 7 profile
    • Allowed metadata editor to edit directories
    • Fixed image stretching when HQ Panel View option was enabled
    • Fixed possible problem with directory sort order
  • earlier version on Github.

[edit] Support

Current versions are available for Windows 64 bit and MacOS X.

[edit] For more information

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