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Note: This article about Kindle OTG is incomplete and just contains some snippets from the forum.

The external port is OTG, and can be switched between multiple modes. It may not have the connection needed to detect a host mode OTG cable, in which case you would need a software OTG mode-switch program (like the Nook Simple Touch hack uses).--geekmaster

A standard USB jack has 4 pins. A micro USB jack has 5 pins. The extra pin is for OTG auto-detect, which is signaled by jumpering two pins together inside the host mode adapter. Some adapter cables are missing that jumper, so need software switching between device mode and host mode.geekmaster

Some devices (such as the kindles) do not connect that 5th pin to anything, and so they cannot sense a jumper in the cable. Even if there was a hardware connection, the firmware must be programmed to use that signal and not just ignore it.geekmaster again


[edit] Loading the Kernel Modules

  • Load the new charger driver for host and device mode USB charging
modprobe yoshi_charger
  • Then the OTG state machine. This one supervises the port and controls whether to activate host or device mode.
modprobe fsl_otg_fsm
  • OTG gadget driver
modprobe arcotg_udc
  • OTG ethernet gadget driver(can load any other gadget driver here as well)
modprobe g_ether
  • And finally the OTG host:
modprobe ehci-hcd


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