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The latest version of Kobo firmware is 4.4.9344 released on 18th May 2017

Discussion thread for 4.4.9344 can be found here

Discussion thread for 4.4.9349 can be found here

Patching instructions for 4.3.9344 can be found here

Patching instructions for 4.3.9349 can be found here

There has been another Mark 6 Release for the Aura ONE only. Do not use 4.3.9344 on it unless you can do a reset or know where the connect to computer button is although apparently it now works .

[edit] Download Links

Mark 3

Mark 4

Mark 5

Mark 6 - 4.3.9344 - Download at own risk for the Aura

Mark 6 - 4.3.9349 - Good - Aura ONE only

Warning - The Mark 6 Version has been recalled. If you sideload, use 4.4.9349 .

[edit] Release Notes

The release notes for all devices can be found here. They are the same as in 4.4.9298 :

New in version 4.4:

Home screen

A fresh new layout that puts the focus back on your current reads – with larger text and bigger book covers.

Main menu

A new simple menu on the upper left gives you direct access to all the important sections with one tap.

Authors view

You can now browse by authors in the My Books section.


The My Books, Browse, Recommended, and Activity sections now feature tabs for quick and easy access to sub-sections.

Status bar

The status bar on the upper right now displays larger icons for Light, Wi Fi, Battery, Sync, and Search.

Sort by date added

You can now sort your books by the date they were added to your account. Look for this option with the other sort controls in My Books.

PIN lock

Protect your privacy by requiring a 4‑digit PIN to unlock your eReader. Enable this feature from the settings menu under Energy Saving and Privacy.

[edit] Affiliates

To receive the new update change your affiliate to beta or bestbuyca .

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