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Librerator is a multi-format e-book reader. It supports multiple formats: pdf, djvu, mobi, epub, cbz, fb2, html, chm, txt, rtf, doc, xps, zip and jpg/jpeg.

[edit] Overview

Librerator is a fork of KPV. Compared to the original KPV, Librerator is much more configurable and has more features (at least at this point of time). They can both be safely installed on the same Kindle, and won’t affect each other, in case you want to compare them and see what you like better.

[edit] Features

  • works on Kindle K2/K3/KDX and K4NT
  • new set of bigger icons
  • Menus - in addition to the keyboard shortcuts, everything can be accessed via menu too
  • K4NT specific shortcuts (considering it’s lack of keys)
  • high configurability - almost everything can be changed/set editing defaults.lua configuration file.
  • all strings moved to a single file - allowing easy localization
  • user configurable keyboard layout, if you need to use national characters
  • added First Page Offset option - useful when your book has first pages numbered as i, ii, iii, iv etc. and the real page 1 is actually page 17
  • added setting gamma through inputting value in a dialog
  • better support for CREReader - now it uses page view mode by default (thanks to dave2008), and hyphenation (thanks to tigran123). You can set not only document font as default (like in KPV), but also font size and line spacing.
  • remembers all user settings and opens documents exactly as you left them
  • Reflow config and following links now available for K4NT users too

[edit] For more information

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