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Most iTunes users want to convert protected iTunes m4v movie to AVI so as to use them on Android phone or video editing software. This offers them added advantages in digital world.


[edit] The problem

As many know, M4V is a format for apple iTunes movies or videos.This extension is an enhanced version of .MPEG and was especially designed for Apple devices.

That means the m4v movie also has some DRM protection embedded that you cannot play it on non-Apple devices, so first of all you will need a video converter that is able to remove m4v drm and convert m4v protected files from apple iTunes to some other format.

Once you change these files, you simply need to get your protected m4v movie to play on any other device or software freely

[edit] Benefits

There are so many benefits of this conversion:-

1. After you encode m4v files to avi, you can transfer itunes movie to your MP4 player, android phone.

2. The converted m4v movie can be used in windows movie maker, real player, etc

3. change m4v files to avi to put it on a disc to watch on my dvd player

4.add m4v to windows media player to steam itunes movie to watch on blackberry, creative zen, etc

[edit] AVI

Before learning about this format conversion, let us check out what's avi format:

AVI is known as Audio Video Interleaved, is a combination of audio and video file formats. it uses a lossy compression technology for video files, although the image quality is not very good, but its still widely used. AVI support 256 colors and RLE compression. AVI is mainly used multimedia disc to save the TV, movies, and other image information.

[edit] Conversion steps

You can change .M4V files to .AVI files in 4 steps:

Removing DRM protection from iTunes,

Converting .M4V to .AVI

Editing output files for your need

Saving them in output folder.on your hard drive

Follow these detailed steps to accomplish this process:-

I. Make a google search and look for a good format converter. here I would like to recommend DRM media converter and free download it. this software come with 1 month free trial, you will have to pay for it, once the trial version expires. this software only have windows version, mac users can use software like tune4mac m4v converter for this purpose.

II. Check out installation wizard, then install and Run it. A program window will appear on your desk

III. Import DRM M4V files from your computer to the program window. Hit the “Add” button to add files. Thereafter, select your output format as “AVI”. You can also edit videos to personalize them for your requirements.

IV. Choose proper path for saving avi files in the output folder and hit “Start” to convert m4v movie to avi.

V. When the process is completed, you can get the files for your personal use.

Thus, this software also can easily convert .M4V files to other media formats and edit m4v files.

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