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Marvin is a highly customisable eBook reader with Artificial Intelligence that lets you discover more about your books, its characters, places, and anything related. Has Dropbox support, specialty fonts for Dyslexic users and can build summaries of your books.

[edit] Features

Adapted from the web site description.

  • Marvin’s super-fast Artificial Intelligence engine reads many books in under a minute to find characters, places, biographies, reviews and other interesting stuff. Books don't need to be formatted or prepared in any special way. Marvin works great with just about any book you already have.
  • Haven’t read for a couple of days and forgot who a character is? No problem. Just tap a name and Marvin will show its first occurrence in the book to remind you. You can also flag names, attach notes to them, look them up in Wikipedia or anywhere on the internet without ever having to leave the app. It’s great for biographies, novels, and non-fiction.
  • Was the book made into a movie, a play, or a radio drama? Want to know more about the author? Marvin intelligently looks up extended information on Wikipedia without leaving the app. You can also pin any website, review or video to the book. Of course, you can send all the research you made by email to yourself or to your friends.
  • Choose characters, places and other names in the book and in a few seconds, Marvin will build a summary for them. And summaries aren’t just chunks of text. Marvin actually creates a new eBook for your summary which you can read, annotate and share separately.
  • Gestures: Set page turn directions, swipe vertically to change brightness, swipe vertically with two fingers to change warmth. You can turn on smart-snapping to instantly jump to landmarks such as chapters and bookmarks.
  • Dropbox support: Just drag your books anywhere in your Dropbox folder and Marvin will find them for you (requires a Dropbox account which you can get for free). You can also side-load books by email or using iTunes.

[edit] Specifications

  • ePub support, only DRM free. - more formats planned.
  • iOS support on all iPads with or without Retina display and iPhone devices running iOS 6 or later.
  • Dropbox support.
  • full customization - brightness and colors can be changed.
  • Social features.
  • bookmarks, notes
  • dictionary support
  • Calibre Server support
  • 2-column landscape reading
  • OPDS support

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