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A Menca card is a magnetic card that looks something like a credit card. It can be laid on a Menca compatible eBook reader or audio player.



[edit] Specifications

  • Ease of use (magnetic placement or slide in a slot)
  • Small: 1.85 x 3" (4.7 x 7.6 cm)
  • Portable: fits in your pocket.
  • memory sizes: 1G to 8G on one card.
  • Ideal for converting multiple CDs into 1 card
  • Re-writeable: by a business with appropriate arrangement.
  • Copy protection: prevent access from PC
  • title or cover image can be printed on the card.

[edit] Content

Usual content, any mix of:

  • eBooks, PDF, ePub, others possible.
  • audio - MP3
  • photos - JPG, PNG
  • video - normally an intro
  • information
  • content protection built in.

[edit] How it works

  1. All cards have a unique card ID, 8 digits, which is linked to the content preloaded on the card, this is stored on our server.
  2. Download the app (menca or white label) to any 3rd party tablet or smartphone.
  3. Type in the 8-digit code in the app and the same content which is on the card is downloaded to the app from our Menca cloud server. The card and the content is now registered to this user.
  4. Start enjoying the content on any 3rd party tablet or smartphone.

[edit] For more information

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