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Menestrello is an ePub 3 reading app that support simultaneous reading synced to audio playback. Note that ReadBeyond is no longer in business but the downloads on the web site are still ok.


[edit] Overview

Menestrello is the perfect app for reading+listening Audio-eBooks.

Immerse yourself in the amazing experience created by the seamless blending of great written words and superb human narration.

Proudly brought to you by ReadBeyond. For free, because we love sharing great stories.

[edit] Features

[edit] App

  • Supported formats: ABZ, CBZ, EPUB; user can show/ignore each format separately
  • GUI Languages: English, Italian, Danish, French, German, Polish, Spanish, Turkish
  • Import files: from browser, Download Manager, Notifications, or the file system (Android); Safari and iTunes (iOS) Note iOS version not available in USA.
  • Library: order by author, title, narrator, duration, language, series, or recently open; interactive search, delete books, hide books without deleting
  • Metadata: display the cover and detailed metadata of your books
  • Global options: plenty of customizations, from UI appearance, to touch zones/actions, to reader behavior
  • Keep device from locking screen: prevent device energy settings from interrupting your favourite stories
  • Night mode: black-themed UI ideal for night reading
  • Dim status bar: when in night mode, dim the system status bar (Available in Android 4.0+)
  • Orientation lock: lock the device orientation (Auto, Portrait, Landscape)
  • Brightness: control the screen brightness directly inside the app, for comfortable night reading
  • Open Web links: open links to Web pages in the system browser
  • Change playback rate: from 0.5x to 2.0x, with rate-vs-pitch correction. (Available in iOS and Android 4.1+.)
  • Background audio: keep listening to your audiobooks and Audio-eBooks while tweeting how awesome Menestrello is!

[edit] EPUB Reader

  • Recognized extensions: .epub and
  • Versions: ePub 2, reflowable ePub 3 (including Media Overlays); pre-paginated/fixed layout ePub 3 (experimental)
  • Reading settings: adjust font face/size, background/font color, margins, line spacing, text transform, text align
  • Pagination: reflowable contents can be rendered as scrolling or paginated
  • Fonts: serif, sans-serif, Amaranth, Andika, Avería Serif, Charis SIL, Gentium, EB Garamond, OpenDyslexic, TestMe Sans, TestMe Serif, and Volkhov
  • Synchronous highlighting: adjustable style (background/font color, underline, font size, disabled)
  • Tap-text-to-play-it: play/pause or seek simply by tapping the text
  • Autoscroll: user can opt to have the text automatically scrolled while the audio narration plays
  • Progress bar: seek the audio track, and scroll the text accordingly
  • Audio bookmark: restart reading+listening your book exactly from the point you left it
  • Footnote panel: open EPUB 3-marked or EPUB 2-recognized footnotes in an handy, scrollable panel at the bottom of the screen
  • Image zoom: double tap on image to see it full screen; tap to close it or double tap to float it around!
  • Non linear contents: skip non linear contents and/or treat them as cul-de-sac items
  • ReadBeyond customizations: apply a few tweaks which will make your EPUB 3 Audio-eBooks look even better in Menestrello!
  • Ignore publisher CSS: do not apply the book CSS (experimental)
  • Apply custom CSS: apply a custom, user-provided CSS (experimental)
  • Run JavaScript: run JavaScript scripts embedded into the EPUB 3 file (experimental)
  • Touch zones: associate an action to each of the nine screen zones

[edit] CBZ Reader

  • Recognized extensions: .cbz and
  • Continuous display: loops the images
  • Zoom modes: original, original/fit min, fit min, fit max
  • Show/hide menu automatically: distraction-free reading!
  • Border: show a border around the images
  • Select border color: because we like black, but you might want white or grey
  • Comics mode: fit image width and scroll down-only
  • Show/hide image information: useful for knowing image file name, size, zoom, etc.
  • Image preloading: smoother transition from an image to the next one
  • Touch zones: associate an action to each of the nine screen zones
  • Presentation mode: show the next image in the slideshow automatically

[edit] ABZ Reader

  • Recognized extensions: .abz and
  • Continuous playing: loops the playlist
  • Read-from-ZIP: no need to unzip your audiobooks anymore!
  • M3U playlist: get the playlist information from an M3U file inside the ZIP
  • Track preloading: smoother transition from a track to the next one
  • Audio bookmark: restart listening your audiobook exactly from the point you left it

[edit] Download

  • Download from the app stores for iOS and Android.
  • The site contains free ePub 3 Audio-eBooks in English, Italian, Danish, French, German, Polish, Portugues, Russian, Spanish and Swedish to see how it works.
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