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Minstrel, The FLOSS hybrid reading app, was built together by readers, for the readers Minstrel


[edit] Goal

(from the web site)

We (as in "the human society as a whole") are in urgent need for good, truly FLOSS reading apps:

  • available as native apps for phones, tablets, and PCs
  • providing an ergonomic UI/UX for learning activities
  • supporting open formats to ensure interoperability with other tools
  • accessible to people with disabilities
  • respecting the reading privacy of the user
  • with a modular architecture = a "curated" core of essential functions + a community-driven repository of plugins
  • managed by a FLOSS project, with a commercially-friendly license available for free, promoting community development

Minstrel is a first step towards this goal: an app built by readers like you and me, for readers like you and me.

[edit] Overview

The app, currently compilable to iOS and Android, is an hybrid app, based on the Cordova framework. While born to support EPUB eBooks (especially ePub 3 Audio-eBooks), since v3.0.0 it supports other formats like CBZ and ABZ (and in a near future, things like PDF and Markdown).

[edit] Requirements

  1. . Android SDK (Android) and/or Xcode (iOS)
  2. . Apache Cordova 5.0.0

[edit] For more information

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